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X-Ray technology for NDT applications

Andrew Fay, Application Engineer III, Hamamatsu Corporation
June 25, 2020

About this webinar

X-ray technology advancements have steadily increased since they were discovered over 100 years ago. Recent improvements in both x-ray source tubes and detectors are ushering in newfound applicability of this technology as a critical-to-quality tool for non-destructive testing in growing markets such as: 3D metal printing, food inspection, electronic components, and industrial CT. As these requirements increasingly push the envelope of x-ray source tubes and detectors, they put unprecedented demands at both ends of the energy spectrum. Understanding this technology can help the system manufacturer best match the resolution and penetrating energy of the x-ray source, with the sensitivity and speed of detectors so they can optimize detectability at a competitive price.

Topics of presentation:
The viewer will become familiar with the operation and critical performance parameters of::

  1. Microfocus x-ray tubes
  2. Line scan cameras (Linear detector arrays)
  3. Flat panel detectors

About the presenter

Andrew Fay

Andrew Fay is an Application Engineer III at Hamamatsu Corporation in Bridgewater, NJ where he interfaces with design function and coordinates a dedicated team integrating mission-critical x-ray sources, flat-panel detectors/sensors, and line-scan cameras for customers across diverse markets such as: non-destructive testing, food inspection, and medical.

Prior to joining Hamamatsu, Andrew has 20 plus years of x-ray background through positions in engineering, marketing, sales and leadership at both component-level and system-level manufacturers. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Texas Tech University and is a member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

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